How to become an ICCS® consultant ?

If you are interested to become an ICCS® consultant, we look for four things:
a) A PhD or Master’s degree in a relevant field of behavioral science (e.g. counseling, psychology, social psychology or organizational behavior)
b) An existing qualification in a related career counseling or coaching approach.
c) Demonstrable listening skills, to allow you to deliver maximum value to your ICCS® clients.
d) A substantial base of relevant client experience.
e) References that support the above qualifications and experience.
ICCS® consultant training is usually provided over the Web in six one-hour sessions with intermediate homework. More… This can be provided in two-person groups, so that participants experience both sides of the career consulting experience. Individual training can also be provided. The training provides an in-depth look at both underlying ICCS® theory and complementary career consulting approaches. It offers hands-on experience with the ICCS® , and guidance on how to use the ICCS® with both individual clients and workshop groups.
Successful graduates of the ICCS® consultant training program will receive a certificate of qualification and be eligible to take out an ICCS® consultant’s license. In turn, the license will allow for you to be registered on the ICCS® website, and to have unlimited use that website and its services in future consulting activities.
If you are interested, please contact us at
We are committed to support the use of the ICCS® in higher education teaching and research. For more information, please contact us at

What other career owners say?

The ICCS® two day workshop was very helpful. The background to the theory was nicely explained - good practical use of the cards and some useful counselling skills practice. The second-level counselling approach was particularly useful. A very worthwhile two days.
- Nigel Benwell, Head of Executive Development, Lloyds TSB, UK

I enjoyed the ICCS® workshop very much. The atmosphere was informal but very learning-oriented. The exchange with the teachers and the other participants was inspiring, and last but not least the ICCS® instrument is very useful to me in my daily consulting work.
- Lucia Hegglin-Süss, Organizational Consultant, Zurich, Switzerland

I was very pleased with the Intelligent Career Card Sort® process. As a career coach, I have found some assessment tools to be rigid, and the client must fit the assessment. However, the ICCS® is flexible and client driven and the instruction was knowledgeable and articulate. I look forward very much to using the ICCS® with my clients.
- Lisa Cartaginese, Career Coach, Georgian College, Canada

"I found the ICCS® to be an extremely useful tool in helping me determine what I want from my work experiences, as well as a possible path that I can take to achieve success in my professional and personal life."
- Jennifer J. Comeau, Human Resources Coordinator, Burns & Levinson LLP

Frequently asked questions

What makes the ICCS® different?  The ICCS® takes the approach that every individual owns his or her career and that every career is different.  Therefore, it is essential to work with the entire person and the full range of unfolding life and work experiences.  The ICCS® explicitly avoids placing the person in any pre-selected categories.  Instead, it helps the career consultant act as a facilitator in the client’s own journey of self-discovery and related action.

What other services do you provide to ICCS® consultants?  Licensed ICCS® consultants have access to the ICCS® website and the full range of services that it provides.  These include client record-keeping and e-mail, printing of client and workshop group reports, downloading of worksheets for individual client and workshop group consulting, an ICCS® user’s guide, a database inquiry service, and PowerPoint slides with notes and handouts for running an ICCS® workshop.  Consultants also participate in the global ICCS® community, with access to newsletters, bulletin boards and further support from the developers and fellow-consultants.  The ICCS® website lists and maintains links to licensed consultants, providing a valuable channel for new client referrals.

How long does it take to administer the ICCS®?  It takes around 45 minutes for clients to complete the ICCS® itself.  However, the important work begins after completion.  We recommend at least four sessions, one to explore each of three “ways of knowing” on which the ICCS® is based, and one to integrate the emergent data.  Also, the ICCS® can be effectively and efficiently delivered to groups of clients through a one-day workshop.

Can I use the ICCS® with clients at different life and career stages?  Absolutely! The ICCS® is not limited to any stage of life or career, or to any restricted set of occupations.  It is designed to help any worker claim greater ownership of his or her career and its direction, and to provide a platform for both incremental career steps and more ground-breaking career transitions.  The ICCS® has also been shown to work well with graduate and senior undergraduate students focusing on the transition to the world of work.

Can I use the ICCS® with other career assessment tools?  Most definitely.  The underlying intelligent career model was first conceived as an integrative theory to incorporate a range of career-relevant data.  For example, values and interest inventories, performance appraisals, 360ºfeedback data, individual resumes, and the influence of mentors, friends and family can all be accommodated into the model.  ICCS® data both complements and helps integrate the data from other assessment tools.

How can I benefit from ICCS® training?  Most fundamentally, you can benefit from the professional development that participation in an ICCS® workshop will provide.  If you decide to take out an ICCS® license, you will be qualified to provide individual and group career consulting.  You will also be qualified to be listed on the ICCS® website, with links to your own website, and thereby connected to interested clients as well as to the global network of career consultants that uses the ICCS®.

I work in corporate human resources.  How can the ICCS® benefit my organization?  An ICCS® workshop provides an excellent two-day professional development program for human resource specialists, and leaves them ready to offer ICCS® consulting on either a one-on-one or a workshop basis.  The ICCS® can provide an important stimulus in helping employees claim ownership of their personal career situations.  There are also opportunities to run workshops and gather data from particular groups or departments facing distinctive career challenges.

Will the ICCS® work with other groups, such as professional associations?>  Sure.  We can expect that careers in the future will feature higher levels of occupational attachment and networking.  Running an ICCS® workshop for a professional group or association can be one way to support this kind of networking.  A related opportunity involves the alumni from a shared educational experience.  These alumni networks can also be expected to feature more prominently in future careers.

What can the ICCS® add to career or executive coaching work?  Since underlying intelligent career theory allows the consultant to integrate both 360ºand performance appraisal data, it provides a distinctive opportunity to help the client take stock of his or her present situation.  Once the client has been introduced to the underlying theory, the ICCS® provides a useful next step, and helps the client to “dig deeper” into the most challenging emergent issues.

How much development has gone into the ICCS®?  The ICCS® has been under development since 1996.  The underlying theory, the career consulting approach, and the ICCS® itself have all been widely tested, across a range of countries and situations.  Please see the section of this website that lists ICCS®-related publications.  We are also invested in, and committed to support, further ICCS® research in the future.

Is the ICCS available in my language? The ICCS® is presently supported in English, Danish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Other language translations will be added in the future. The ICCS® web architecture is designed to accommodate the addition of new languages, as well as the re-translation of different languages into a common language – such as the business language of a global company. This supports the making of international comparisons in ICCS® data.