Welcome to ICCS®

* What is the ICCS®?

The Intelligent Career Card Sort® (ICCS®) is a career exploration system specifically designed to support professional career development in the knowledge-driven economy.
The ICCS® provides a platform for both incremental career steps and more ground-breaking career transitions. It can be used by experienced workers seeking a new job, students moving from higher education into their first job, older workers looking for a new chapter in their lives, or anyone who wants to succeed in their career. The process is highly personalized.

* How does it work?

As a career owner you are invited to complete an online, multi-dimensional card sort exercise. Once this is done you are guided by a licensed ICCS® consultant to explore your selections. The exploration will follow a straightforward but distinctive framework concerned with why, how and with whom you work. It will enable you to develop a set of career themes and related action steps through which to move forward.

The ICCS® includes a "peer coaching" option for use in workshop groups or classrooms. In these, an ICCS® consultant works with a group of people assigned to coach one another in two or three person teams.

* How was it developed?

"Intelligent career" theory was first described in 1995 and the ICCS® was introduced a year later. Since that time, both the theory and its application have been widely researched and tested by an international team of specialists in both career theory and career consulting. The purpose was and is to provide a fresh approach directly relevant to the knowledge-driven economy. The system has been successfully used in a wide range of situations, including a number of leading business schools.

A book by Michael Arthur, Svetlana Khapova and Julia Richardson titled An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life, published by Oxford University Press, provides background information. However, you do not need to read the book to get value from the ICCS® exercise.